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Prioritise connection with your kid(s) … even when you talk about sex.

This is talking, with a difference.

In The Evolve School, you’ll find your own unique way to create the connection and space your kid(s) need. And you’ll do that as you talk more comfortably about bodies, sex, and consent.

Who’s this for?

You’re an adult who cares deeply for the kid(s) in your care, and you want to give them what you didn’t have growing up; accurate information about sex and bodies, and connected conversations with a parent who can sit with anything without fear or awkwardness.

Whether you…

are a parent of a very young kid who’s started touching their genitals in the livingroom…

or your small kid is asking questions about how a baby got into your tummy and you’re not sure how to answer that question in an age-appropriate way…

have kids of different ages, who all need different things…

don’t want to say the wrong thing to the wrong one at the wrong age…

want to avoid embarrassing your kid or making them feel eye-rolly

remember all too clearly the feeling of wanting to hide your period or being worried about growing boobs…

were the last to learn things that other kids knew about sex, and you don’t want that for your kid(s)… 

You’re in the right place

Let me show you how The Evolve School will give you the strategies, information, and support you need to talk about sensitive things and build deeper connections with your kid(s).

(as seen in)

Here’s what can happen when you join The Evolve School…

You can:

✔️    find the unique solutions that soothe your anxiety (instead of spending too much time worrying if you’re doing something wrong)

✔️   discover how to build more connection with your kid(s) while having chats about sensitive stuff 

✔️   identify the topics that are age-appropriate for the growing young people in your care

✔️   courageously start new conversations using communication strategies that feel natural and create an open culture in your home

✔️   develop confidence that you’re saying and doing the right things for both you and your unique kid(s)

✔️   see ways of being with your child that help your child feel calm without using complicated techniques

✔️   get ongoing support from a community of adults who have the same vision for their families

“When I met Sarah Sproule I was mesmerised by her easy-going attitude and knowledge.

We all want to get parenting right, but we’re also all just doing our best with what we have! 

I feel better prepared for conversations with my son about sex now, and truth be told, I blush a lot less since I met Sarah.”

– Maia Dunphy, broadcaster, writer and mum

It’s easy to join The Evolve School …

1 x €423

1 payment of €423

3 x €142

3 payments of €142

6 x €75

6 payments of €75

“My education hadn’t prepared me to be a mother of boys. I didn’t feel prepared for what would happen with their bodies in puberty.

Now my 9-year-old has started talking to me about bodies and stopped telling me it’s gross.

I loved the way I could learn in my own time inside The Evolve School and rewatch or listen as often as I needed to.”

— ‘Milly’ (privacy protected) Nurse in Wexford

Mam (9, 6 and 2)

“Sarah Sproule is amazing. She demystifies the type and nature of “uncomfortable” conversations, making it accessible for even the most unsure of us, me. 

I was very uncomfortable in this aspect of my parenting and I have been transformed. The many practical and tangible conversation starters and modeled conversations were absolute gold. Countless times I have simply cut and paste them into my conversations at home. 

The guidance and support are gentle, powerful, and truly empowering. Working with Sarah Sproule will transform your child’s relationship with themselves and sex, and your relationship with the topic and your child.”

— Deirdre, MscEd and mum

“The main challenge that we were dealing with was my 6 year olds behaviour of humping on the sofa. I just didn’t know how to talk to him about it.

The anxiety I felt about starting sensitive conversations has disappeared as I know that I have a toolbox of skills to facilitate connected discussions with my kids. I feel much more relaxed and comfortable being open with them.

Sarah is such a wonderful person, teacher, mentor. An amazingly connected human. I feel very safe, nurtured to explore this whole new area of parenting with her expert guidance.”

— Mel, Physio and mum of boys (6 and 3)

“With this course, I’ve felt supported, inspired and released from the guilt that I’ve been messing up talking to my children so far.

I took masses of notes and wrote out your “I’m sorry I didn’t know about…” conversation verbatim so that I could read it to my husband because I thought it was so powerful, and not just in the context of sex education.

If we can move some way towards helping our children accept themselves and others, and to know they have a voice and to speak up for what they need I will feel we have had success … now I feel there is hope that we will get there.”

— ‘Grace’, mum of girl (8) and boy 5)

“I wanted our children to talk about anything in our house and they would feel safe and comfortable in doing that. My own upbringing had so many taboos. Growing up I had no one to talk about bodies, I had no information.

I learned that my connection with my kids was key to having sensitive conversations and I loved the sentence starters we got. The pyramids of progress showed me that I could talk about topics at any stage of life.

The most important change is that my confidence is now way better and the more that I’m open the children are asking more questions so it’s changed the environment in the house as a result.”

— ‘Ruby’, Co. Kerry. Mother of three

“For the first time in my life, I realised I wasn’t prepared for this aspect of parenting. Over the years, the children had asked me questions and I’d just avoided answering them.

I had bought books for my eldest but I had kept them hidden away ‘cause I had no idea of the levels of information my daughter could take in. I realised I was way behind in teaching my kids about these things.

I needed to focus on this for my daughter and my two boys. After I met you Sarah, we went from having no conversations to opening up conversations about sensitive things and opening up our family.”

— ‘Stevie’, Mother of three

Here’s what’s inside …

The Evolve School is built on the values of consent, kindness and connection. These values underpin everything you’ll learn. And means you’ll be able to connect more deeply to your growing kid(s) when you talk about sensitive stuff.

Module One: Introduction

Parents of all types (biological, step, solo, queer, adoptive, estranged, foster and more) describe a heart-felt need to give the child(ren) they are raising more support than what they had growing up. That’s calm and open conversations about bodies, sex and consent. In this first module I’ll show you how The Evolve School does exactly that. 

I’ll start by outlining all the opportunities you have over the next 10 weeks and how I can help you succeed. We’ll get to know each other a little so you feel safe and supported. 

Then I’ll outline the practical steps to start you on your way through The Evolve School. You’ll learn how to ask questions, where to go for our virtual meetups and how to add the important dates to your calendar.

This first module will be ready and waiting for you as soon as you join The Evolve School, so you’ll have all the practicalities outlined for you in easy to follow steps.

Module Two: Your Nervous System

I’ve been talking to kids about sex and helping parents do the same for 12 years – I know exactly why this feels so difficult for us adults. So in this module, we are going to discover why it feels so wrong to talk to kids about sex and bodies even though we know it’s the right thing to do.

We’ll start by getting to know your nervous system and what its purpose is so you understand how to work with your feelings instead of fighting against them. 

Then we’ll explore how our past influences our present (particularly about sensitive subjects) and discover how we can help ourselves feel safe enough to start the conversations that we want to have with our kids.

As you go through The Evolve School, you’ll have multiple opportunities each week to practice alternative techniques to settle your nervous system so you can talk calmly with your kid(s) of any age.

Module Three: Bodies

Being an occupational therapist means I know a whole freakin’ lot about the human body. So I know what’s important to talk about with your kids, and what you can gloss over to save yourself time and energy. 

You’ll have access to 65 different age-appropriate ways to talk about the body with your kid(s) no matter what their age so you will never be left wondering if you are talking about the right thing.

No matter how much or how little you’ve talked about the human body up til now, you’ll have plenty of topics at your fingertips after going through this module. 

Module Four: How to Start Talking

This module’s the solution to something I hear parents struggle with all the time. We’re going to learn and practice how to start talking about something sensitive when you’ve never done it before.

Using the Five Favourite Sentence Starters, you’ll never be stuck on how to begin a conversation that you know you need to have with your growing kid, even if they’re not asking you any questions.

This module addresses that oh-so-common ‘I want to talk but I don’t know how to start’ problem. 

No more feeling tongue-tied for you. Just lots more communicating in your family.

Module Five: Self Compassion First Aid™

Parenting is full of opportunities to feel that we’re just not good enough. But we’re going to do something about that in this module. 

Therapists all over the world are realising the benefits of teaching their clients self-compassion and you’ll get that insider knowledge here too.

We’ll start by learning what self-compassion is and why it works to build resilience and confidence in yourself. This confidence supports you to step forward and break the habits of silence about sex that you might have learned as you were growing up.

Then you’ll discover Self Compassion First-Aid™ and how it helps when you are dealing with complicated situations with your child, particularly around sexuality. Imagine your child coming to you with the most difficult problem you can imagine … Self Compassion First Aid™ is the skill that will help you show up in new ways that you never thought possible.

Module Six: Where do babies come from?

Here’s one of the most requested modules in The Evolve School: how we make a baby. I’ve refined how to have this conversation so it’s easier for you.

You may or may not have had this conversation with your child, but either way, you’ll discover so many details and alternatives to this topic that you might not have thought of.

You’ll learn 68 ways to approach human reproduction, so you’ll never be stuck for an age-appropriate answer about conception and birth.

Other caring adults have told me that this module has helped them feel relaxed in ways they didn’t think were possible.

Module Seven: Listening and Stating Our Needs

One of the most important tasks for any caring adult is to teach your kid(s) consent and how to speak up for themselves. 

There is so much pain and suffering that can result from a child not being able to speak up for what they need or not being able to understand what someone is saying. And every parent I’ve spoken to wants to avoid that pain for their growing child.

Fortunately, there are simple, everyday techniques to help you teach your child consent and you’ll learn those here in Module 6.

Consent is at the basis of every module in The Evolve School. In this module we’ll go deeper into the components of consent, and how to model listening and asking for what we need. 

By the end of this module, you’ll have everything you need to teach even the youngest of children the basics of consent.

Once your kid understands and is skilled at expressing their consent, you’ll be able to relax more. You can rest knowing you’ve equipped your child with the skills to create healthy relationships.

Module Eight: Our Emotions

Many of us know from experience that our feelings affect how well we show up for the people we love. 

Because The Evolve School looks at every facet of what goes into good relationships, this module covers something that many people forget is key to our kids’ future relationship success: emotional intelligence.

Even if you’ve not studied emotional intelligence before, this module gives you the understanding you need to weave this important skill into the conversations you have with your kid(s). And you’ll some new approaches for showing up when your kid gets big feelings in every day life too.

At the end of this module, you be more comfortable around emotions and have a clear direction on how to talk about them with your growing kid.

Module Nine: Sexuality

This is the Module everyone is delighted to get to. And for good reason! 

When we think about sexuality and children sometimes our brains get a bit knotted up and worried about how to talk about this in age-appropriate ways. 

Well, this module gives you everything you need in easy to handle sections. From age-appropriate ways to talk about pleasure to what age to mention conflicting sexual desire, all your fears about saying the wrong thing at the wrong time vanish.

You’ll have 71 ways to talk about sexuality for kids from 0 to 16+ and I promise you, whatever you need to talk about is included here. And if it’s not? I add it just for you.

Module Ten: Being Together (Relationships)

I’ve heard some parents say they hope their child will experience the richness of a deep and caring relationship like they’ve have.

I’ve also heard parents say they want to make sure their kid can see the red flags and avoid the relationship pitfalls that they had.

Whatever your relationships have been like, this module gives you the ability to talk about relationships in all their different forms. 

You’ll use The Being Together Pyramid to get the steps to talk in age-appropriate ways about equality in relationships and how to meet our own needs and the needs of others. 

If you want your kid to spot unhealthy relationships and have the ability to build supportive and kind partnerships, this’ll be your favourite module. 

And remember, the information is structured using the age-appropriate tiered system, so you can easily find the help that is most appropriate for your child’s age.

Module Eleven: Connection and Empathy

Raise your hand if you want to build more connection with your kid(s) and stay close to them as they go through puberty? 

Right? Pretty much every loving parent that I’ve ever met says ‘yes’ to that.

You want to make sure that even through tough times, you know how to show your kid you are there for them no matter what. 

That’s why Module 11 is so wonderful. You’ll get access to the empathy strategies I use to navigate the hardest topics of conversations in parenting and life. You’ll learn what to do when your child is angry or upset so that your relationship gets stronger instead of weaker when times are tough.

Module Twelve: Health and Sex

Now that you’re getting more comfortable learning about all sorts of sensitive stuff, it’s time to talk about risks and sex.

If you didn’t think you would EVER be able to talk about sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy prevention, and abuse, then this is your chance to discover you were wrong. And that’s going to feel lovely.

Using the layering techniques that The Evolve School is well known for, you’ll discover age-appropriate ways to help your kids (of all ages) develop skills to keep themselves safe and healthy in a broken world. 

You’ll have all the topics you need at your fingertips to start connecting with your kid about these important life skills.

You’re not on your own, you’ve got lots of help here.

Module Thirteen: Rights and Responsibilities

This is where you’ll move from thinking ‘I can’t do it’ to ‘Bring it on!’

Learn how to weave sexual rights into everyday life, bringing your family up to speed on their rights and responsibilities. And do all this by using household chores to make the learning real.

Yep. Really. 

By using the practical support inside this module, you can stop the guesswork of getting your kid(s) rock solid on what their responsibilities to other people are and their own rights.

Module Fourteen: Gender

How do we talk about gender? It’s pretty different from when we grew up, right? 


As you raise your kids, you probably want them to feel free to be themselves, without the burden of following crappy messages about gender like ‘boys don’t cry’ or ‘girls can’t wear blue’.

This is where Module Fourteen comes into its own. You’ll learn about gender using The GenderBread Person and discover all the lies we’ve been told about gender.

Use this section to get specific support talking about gender with your kids in a way that feels natural and makes sense. 

Module Fifteen: The World Around Us

Now that you’ve learned the specifics of bodies, sex and consent, it’s time to use the world around you to prompt ongoing chats in your family. 

You’ll discover the easy way to make these chats part of everyday life. You’ll be using the TV, radio and youtube channels to connect to your kid and discuss how the world shapes our behaviour – in both positive and negative ways.

Even if you’ve never thought about the positives of social media and the online world, you discover ways to connect to your kid over the apps and sites they love the most.

Module Sixteen: The User Guide of You


So you’ve spent time discovering the skills and the topics to build more connection with your kid(s) about sensitive subjects so you know what’s possible. 

In this final module, I’ll guide you as you create a personalised reference guide just for you. This guide will be your touchstone and backstop. There’s no risk of forgetting what to say or do after The Evolve School comes to an end when this guide is in a safe place.

To do this, we’ll identify all your go-to strategies for building connection as you talk. No more fear that you are missing the boat or doing the wrong thing. You get everything summarised in one place and ready to go.

Here’s what’s inside for you…

(€847 value)

📚  The complete set of 16 Modules giving you everything you need to start building deeper connections with your growing kids even when talking about bodies, sex and consent.

🗞  Nine topics of age-appropriate information that give you exactly the right topics to talk about with your child of any age and banish any worry that you’re doing it wrong. Each topic is layered into age-appropriate sections: 0-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-15 and 16+.

👄  Communication Strategies that support courageous new conversations that feel natural and build an open culture in your home.

♥️  Emotional Intelligence strategies which can become the bedrock of your family connection building so that every conversation becomes a chance to show your love in new ways … even during your most basic conversations about bedtime.

💪  Access to new modules each week – so that you are always getting new support and moving forward to build your evolved, communicating family.

⏰  To reduce your chance of overwhelm, topics are broken down into easy to access sections. This ensures you’re never stuck with too much to do and not enough time to do it. 

When you join The Evolve School, the introduction module and FAQ Room will be available as soon as you join and then together we will go through the new modules each week.

I use this strategy to take care of you and reduce overwhelm and worry. Slow and steady wins the race inside The Evolve School.

Seize-The-Day bonus

For the quick decision makers:

Sarah’s One-to-One: talk through your biggest roadblock

Sometimes you really need to be face-to-face (online, of course!) with me to get you moving. And this bonus gives you exactly that.

This 15-minute call helps you really see your situation and what is holding you back. I can’t do your parenting for you but I can give you the support you need to work out what’s your next most important step.

Available to those who join the Evolve School while attending The Build More Connection Masterclass live.

Value €55

Plus these bonuses to help you find your groove

Kitchen Table Talks

Because you were never meant to parent without support, you will have access to private, members-only calls with me and the community of other parents each Thursday (Noon or 8pm Irish time). During these calls, you’ll discover that you’re not alone in your challenges and joys and get all your questions answered. You can walk this journey with other parents who want the same things for their kids that you want for yours and get live support every week. These calls are recorded for those who can’t make it live, so whatever your situation there is a way to stay supported.

Valued at €827

The Evolve School Podcast

For all you podcast fans, we’ve created a very special podcast version of The Evolve School so you can listen again and again anywhere at all: cooking dinner, walking the dog, lying on the floor next to your kid’s bed while you wait for them to fall to sleep (Oh yeah, I see you).

STOP PRESS!! Brand new for you this time around, you get access to a podcast specifically created for your kid’s age. This tailored podcast is where you find all the age-appropriate sensitive topics you could talk about with your kid(s). It’s an easy to access audio so you’re never stuck for what to say next! ♥️

Valued at €163

Family Cringe Crusher

You know convos about sensitive stuff are important. But the other adults around you don’t understand why you need to talk.  The Family Cringe Crusher is the method you can use to help other adults understand the importance of talking to children about bodies, sex and consent.

Value  €139

The FAQ Room

You understandably have questions on your mind right now. Like “should I get a book first or should I talk?” Or “should I talk to my kid(s) about porn even though they aren’t teenagers?”  And even, “should I tell other parents I’m learning how to talk about this stuff?”

Inside the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Room, you get instant answers to all these questions and more. And if the answer to your question isn’t already in the room, you can simply ask me to add it, and that’ll be no problem at all.

Value  €175

Exclusive pay-in-full bonus

The Openness Poster Pack

There are so many ways to create openness in your family and this poster pack is one of the easiest ways. When you pay for The Evolve School in full, you’ll receive this digital, print-at-home poster pack as a bonus.

The pack includes posters on vulvas, penises, individuality, online behaviour, awkwardness and unrealistic body image.

Value  €105

Here’s where to join The Evolve School

1 x €423

1 payment of €423

3 x €142

3 payments of €142

6 x €75

6 payments of €75

There’s still time to join …
Plus You’ve Got a Risk-Free 14 Day Guarantee…

The Evolve School is a transformative experience made up of everything you need to talk to your kids about sensitive stuff like sex, bodies and consent but in a way that builds connection.

Parents who want their kids to talk to them about anything at all join the school to become more open and confident about sensitive subjects.

In the first 14 days of school, you’ll have access to the first seven modules: you’ll be introduced to how the school runs, learn how to talk about bodies, babies and emotions in an age-appropriate ways, discovers simple ways to start a sentence about something sensitive and manage your own feelings of embarrassment.

After exploring all that, if you don’t feel totally sure that The Evolve School is right for you, simply reach out to me before the 10th of October 2021 and I’ll refund your investment.

Now you know you can join The Evolve School knowing that there is no financial risk. I want you to feel safe as you decide if The Evolve School is right for you and your family.


The School starts on September 27th and runs for 9 weeks with a one-week break for Irish school holidays (Oct 25th – 29th). We have our final meeting on November 25th.

Our meet ups happen on Thursdays. You can choose between two times: Noon (Irish time) or 8pm Irish time.

On Friday each week I release a series of short videos that you can watch at a time that suits you best. Those will take between 20 mins to an hour, depending on the subjects we are exploring that week.

Then on Thursday, you have a live, online group session with me. You can choose between two times: Noon (Irish time) or 8pm Irish time. Or you can attend both sessions if you would like extra support. 

And here’s the best bit: you don’t have to watch any of the videos to attend the live calls on Thursdays. 

I know everyone’s busy so I welcome anyone to attend our calls, it doesn’t matter how many videos you’ve watched or haven’t watched. This course is not about trying to do the impossible. There is no such thing as being behind in The Evolve School.

You really can’t do this course wrong. It’s not that sort of school.

When we are raising kids, it can be a bit of a juggle.

So I want to make The Evolve School experience as easy for you as possible. So everything we do here is online.

No car journeys, train trips, bicycle rides or aeroplane flights. Simply open your phone, tablet or laptop in a quiet place (or surrounded by kids watching YouTube or playing with lego) and you’ll be in the school.

So whether you’re in Dublin Ireland (like me) or  Sydney Australia (like a graduate from last semester), The Evolve School is in your pocket – open, online and available for you.


I do everything for you.

Simply watch the weekly on-demand classes. Then turn up for at least one of the two support calls each week.

You won’t need to do any homework or preparation. You will probably find that you think a lot about the information I give you (because it’s so interesting). Apart from that, just carry on as normal and watch what happens.

Only participants who signed up for The Evolve School during the Build More Connection Masterclass have access to 1 to 1 time with me as a bonus.

But don’t worry. I’m available on two group calls each week (apart from our week off). You’ll have a lot of support and plenty of time to get your questions answered.

Absolutely not.

No sharing is expected. But once you feel comfortable and safe with me and your classmates, you may want to share stories so you can get help with particular problems.

Nothing is required inside The Evolve School. Everything is an invitation that you can decline. No offence taken. I celebrate every time someone feels safe enough to say ‘No’ or ‘Yes’.

Here’s what the research shows. When parents and children are interviewed about how often they have conversations about puberty, bodies and sex, they contradict each other.

Even if a parent says they talk a lot about sex, most young people will report that these conversations hardly happened in their family. I can’t tell you what you should do. But the research says your children probably aren’t hearing what you think they are hearing.

And one more thing.

The Evolve School is about so much more than telling our kid(s) what sex is. If you want to build even more connection with your growing kid(s) then The Evolve School is the place for you.

Everything in The Evolve School is recorded.

I want you to have access to everything no matter where you are in the world or if you have the busiest schedule on the planet!

I know parenting is hard right now and the world had changed so I have your back. And there is a podcast version of all the teaching so you can listen anywhere and anytime.

Many parents haven’t been able to talk about sensitive things before they start working with me – so the first thing I always focus on is finding the right way for YOU to start.

If you’re stressed, your conversations won’t feel right and your kid(s) will notice.

And that’s not the best outcome for anyone. The right way for you to talk is what you will find at The Evolve School. No stress, no pushing yourself.

Just calm, careful support and gentle guidance.

You have 14 days to decide if the program is right for you. Up until October 10th you can contact me for a full refund, no questions asked. After that date, no refunds are available.

Even the most worried and embarrassed parents who’ve worked with me during this programme have noticed huge differences in the way they feel about sensitive conversations with their kids.

Some parents have needed a slower and more gentle journey to talk. Others have got chatting to their kids in the second week. Everybody is unique.

Your journey will be different to the parents around you. But I can promise you this.

You will make progress if you join The Evolve School, listen to the trainings and attend the support calls with an open mind.

No matter how awkward or worried you feel right now.

The older your children get, the more difficult it is to start having natural and comfortable conversations about anything to do with sex and the body.

If your child(ren) are pre-school age (or younger) this is the perfect time to get your head in the game to start conversations. Your kid(s) are open and ready to learn from the adult they trust most, you.

Inside the Evolve School, you will get access to over seven hundred topics to talk about with kids from newborns to teenagers 16+.

It’s never too late to start talking to growing kids about their bodies, puberty and sex. Even though they tell you they know everything, they still need your guidance.

You aren’t on your own.

So many of us have felt like there was no way we could talk about sensitive stuff with our kids.

But even if it feels completely impossible right now, you can change how you feel by finding a supportive community that knows how hard it is and understands where you are.

You don’t need to stay on your own. You can reach out for help. You are good enough to join The Evolve School right now.

I’m here waiting for you.

It’s not always easy to find time to do a parenting course when you are juggling work and family.

But the rewards are so great when you find new skills to talk about sensitive stuff and you build deeper connections with your kid(s).

You have access to The Evolve School pre-recorded trainings for the life time of the School. For as long as the School exists, you can rewatch my video trainings.

I also need to prioritise your privacy, so the recordings of all group calls will go away on when your Evolve School semester finishes. Those calls are a recording of you and your classmates personal information. They will expire at the end of our time together to ensure everyone’s privacy is respected.

The Evolve School is not like a regular school. It’s an evolved, compassionate and caring school.

That means that there is no ‘one size fits all’ success measure. Everyone’s success will look different.

So I won’t be grading your work. I won’t even ask you to do ‘work’. You’ll decide the amount of practice you do.

You’ll decide the number of times you show up live to any zoom calls we have. You can choose what your experience inside The Evolve School looks like.

And while you might think this sounds weird and flaky, this approach is the only way I can show you what consent feels like. And your kids really need you to bring consent into your home in ways you’ve never even thought of.

So, no grades, no papers to write, no deadlines to meet, no detentions for being ‘wrong’ – none of that at all.

It’s easy to join The Evolve School …

1 x €423

1 payment of €423

3 x €142

3 payments of €142

6 x €75

6 payments of €75

There’s still time to join …

Perhaps you’re still thinking about it…

Perhaps you’re still thinking about it…

Perhaps you’re still thinking about it…

You may still be a little unsure about what to do now.

“Do I start a 14-day risk-free trial of The Evolve School?”

If any of the descriptions below touch your heart, then probably your answer is yes:

You want your kid(s) to be able to come to you about absolutely anything.

Your kids are precious. The idea of them struggling or feeling hurt and unable to come to you for help fills you with sadness.

You missed out on talking with your parents about bodies and sex and you don’t want that for your kids. There were so many taboos as you were growing up and your house was a completely closed shop when it came to asking questions about sexuality or private parts of the body. You felt like there was no one to talk to.

You even felt like you weren’t normal as you grew up, there was so much shame. That lack of information made being a teenager so much harder and you want something completely different for your child(ren).

But you don’t feel qualified to speak about sensitive things, you don’t have the confidence to know specifically what your growing young person needs to know about puberty. You feel like you don’t know enough.

You’ve touched on some subjects when they were younger but you really want to talk about the detailed stuff that you’re kid(s) need now they’re getting bigger.  

You don’t want your child to grow up in an environment where there is an ‘elephant in the room’ and that is what’s driving you to do things differently in your family.

You’re a mother bear ready to take on the world to keep your kids safe and feeling loved.

“You want to do more!”

You realise that what you thought parenting would be like and what it’s ACTUALLY like are two vastly different things.

You had visions of the type of mum you wanted to be, the sort of food your kids would eat, and how tidy your house would be. Many of your dreams have been replaced by the reality of messy chaos and you have a child that needs special help to fit into the world.

You own more pairs of leggings than you care to admit and are cooking fish fingers for dinners like they’re going out of fashion – but everyone in your family will eat them so *shrug* … no judgement!

You realise that parenting is about so much more than you thought. It’s about sacrifice, personal growth and a deeper love and vulnerability than you ever believed was possible. So you’re here showing up for the next big challenge.

And even though you’ve heard other parents say ‘Wait till your kids are older before talking about babies and sex’, you are committed to ending the sexual awkwardness that your parents felt, and your parent’s parents felt (through no fault of their own).

You are determined to show up for your kids. You’re thinking “This awkwardness stops here. I’m gonna break this cycle of embarrassment for the sake of my kids.”

The task is big. And you’re smart enough to know it’s not efficient to do this by yourself. It makes sense to select a program that has all the help that you’ll need in one place. And you think you’ve found it.

You don’t want your kid(s) to go through what you went through.

It’s ok. You’re safe here, but I know you are thinking about the past when things weren’t that great. 

Those were some really crappy times.

Like when you got your period and had no adult that you felt you could go to for help; you felt alone and scared. 

Perhaps you once had sex with someone because you didn’t feel confident enough to say ‘No’. You realise some people would call that abuse and you’re not sure what you call it.

Maybe you struggle with shame about the way your genitals looked and you still don’t like having sex with the light on.

And you feel adamant that your kid will never feel like that if you can possibly help it. 

So you’re here, feeling unsure but absolutely ready to protect your kid(s) and learn to open up about sensitive stuff.

“Sarah, you taught me how to talk to my son in a way that makes him feel comfortable. I feel so grateful.”

Share Susan’s joy as she describes her connection with her teenage son.

Susan Doerksen Castro
~ Self Care Strategist, Mom of Boys

I’d be honoured to guide you…

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Here’s something many people don’t know about me.

Challenging my shame and learning to speak up for myself about sex saved me from imploding my young family.

And for a few years, I felt stuck and unsure about how to talk to my kids about sensitive stuff too.

So I know how feeling free to speak up and have sensitive conversations has changed my life. It’s built deeper connections with my kid(s) and the people I love.

And I can show you how to find that power for you and your kids too.

If you’re a parent or a caring adult who’s raising kids, I’m offering a risk-free opportunity to shape the connection in your family.

Discover for yourself the confidence and relief that this sort of change can bring — and take the next step to transform the lives of everyone in your family.

If you’re able to join us, I’m confident that these 10 weeks will be life-changing for you and your kid(s).

You’re so welcome inside The Evolve School.

I hope to meet you there.

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