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Hi, I’m Sarah

I’m so pleased to meet you, thanks for being here.

I’m building a movement to support parents who want to have conversations with their about sensitive subjects like sex in age-appropriate ways. I’ve been laying my own foundation for comfortable conversations with my three kids for almost two decades and have a masters in sexuality studies.

With my easy-to-use, practical tools, hundreds of parents are learning how to raise confident and caring young people who respect themselves and the people around them.

And remember, it’s not your fault that these sorts of conversations are tricky. Most of us have never been shown how to talk comfortably about bodies, puberty and sex.

You’re in a safe space


Sarah helped me to get out of my own head .. and just have these ongoing conversations in a very natural way.

— Marike Fichardt, Business Owner and Mum (10 yo)


Sarah helped me to talk about all the big stuff in a way that was comfortable for both me and my children. Most importantly, she taught me not to be afraid to make mistakes and that the ‘big conversation is really just lots of little conversations over time.

— Beth Kilkenny, Poet and Mother (9 and 6)